About Stone Fish Spine is not a joke. It is a serious and informative book for people who love fishing, yet are not sure about certain aspects of the sport. The author Michael Walker does an excellent job in making the subject of this book interesting, which I really enjoyed reading about.

I must say that the author, Michael Walker, is a true professional with decades of experience and expertise in fishing. Because of his career, you can be sure that the information in this book will help you greatly when it comes to choosing a boat, fishing location, the best techniques in fishing, and also teaching you how to improve your fishing skills.

The book was written in an e-book format, which makes it very easy to read and more convenient for the people who cannot read physical books. I like that because of its convenience and because the information is presented in a clear manner.

In About Stone Fish Spine, Michael Walker explains the differences between two varieties of stonefish, the rock bass and the flathead stonefish. He also explains that there are different types of bait for both kinds of fish and gives you some tips on how to attract the fish.

He explains that there are fishes that give off more smell than others. He also explains why certain types of bait works well with certain types of fish.

Another important information in this book is about worms. You can use worms to make your own lures, and Michael Walker explains that they taste better when cooked.

Baits are all about the water temperature, water salinity, and the types of fish you are targeting. That is why it is important to know as much as you can about the types of fish you are targeting.

After you know the types of fish you are targeting, it is time to think about what type of fishing bait you will be using. You can use any kind of bait you want to use, but the author of the book gives a good guide to the popular baits.

For example, he tells us that small lures are great baits when you are targeting very small fishes. The small lures contain small sized baits and are easy to cast.

About Stone Fish Spine was a very enjoyable book to read. I found that there were pictures throughout the text and they were very clear and easy to understand.

I would definitely recommend this eBook to anyone who is looking for information on fishing, regardless of what kind of fishing experience you have had in the past. The author of the book has a lot of experience and expertise, and he is one of the top anglers in the world.

He is the one who invented the longer lure, and I am sure that you will enjoy the longer lure as well as all the other baits that Michael Walker introduced in this eBook. To get this ebook, just go to the author’s website, where you will find the link to order the book.